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And Now For Something Completely Different.

Big changes are taking place here in the blooming garden and difficult decisions have had to be made. I haven’t blogged for a long time as I haven’t had the heart to write about the garden knowing that we will … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday. Here Comes the Sun…

Wonderful warm sunshine has opened the furry buds of Magnolia stellata astonishingly quickly. It is always a worry when the snow white, starry flowers open in March as the first night of frost will turn them brown. But right now … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday. Spring at Last.

We’ve had some terrible storms lately but at last spring is really here and the garden is spangled with flowers. I got a little disheartened when we were buffeted by Eunice, or it could have been Franklin or Dudley, they … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday. Snowdrops.

I suppose I should have a vase of red roses to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I can’t manage those in February. But what I do have in abundance are snowdrops. And as they are my passion , then a posy … Continue reading

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Six on Sunday. Harbingers of Spring.

I was busy yesterday so I missed Six on Saturday, so I’m afraid today it has to be Six on Sunday. It is such a joy to walk down the garden on a sunny February day as it was on … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday. More Winter Beauties.

Usually, by the end of January, I have had enough of winter, but this year has been so bright and sunny, that I am happy if it lingers a bit longer so that I can enjoy my winter garden in … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday. January Delights.

Storm Malik is making photography a bit fuzzy today but it is mild and these January blooms bring so much pleasure. In the greenhouse I have adorable hoop petticoat daffodils. This one Narcissus ‘Mary Poppins’ has increased nicely since I … Continue reading

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Ancient Suffolk. Yews and Puddingstones.

I love old things. My house was built in 1500, that was before Henry viii came to the throne and started chopping off his wives’ heads He was only nine at the time. But there are older buildings in Suffolk. … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday. Twigs, Bark and Leaves in the Winter Garden.

We have had some beautiful January sun this week which cheers the spirits and lights up the foliage and coloured stems in the winter garden. The trees I planted down here are now mature enough to make a show. This … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday. Winter Cheer.

Over Christmas I enjoy early snowdrops and adorable Narcissus ‘Cedric Morris’ shining out in the bleakness of the December garden. But I try not to look at the little noses of bulbs appearing everywhere and I avoid my winter garden. … Continue reading

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