Winter Solstice

It’s always a relief to know that even as the days get colder they won’t get any darker and we will gradually get a bit more afternoon back. This is a dreary time for gardeners when everything looks dank and decaying in the garden and we need a bit of cheering up. And for all of us it is going to be difficult to negotiate Christmas, as once again the pandemic rages. Like many other people, we have had to cancel Christmas as The Pianist has Covid. But we are lucky, because thanks to the double vaccination plus the booster, he only has it mildly. Conspiracy theorists may believe that he has had micro chips implanted by Bill Gates and his DNA has been interfered with. I haven’t checked out all the lunatic theories, so for all I know he will probably be expected to turn into a giant lizard in three months. But we believe in science and we are very grateful for the vaccine.

In the dining room, I have decorated the Christmas tree and made a table arrangement and every day I sit in solitary splendour eating my dinner, which horror of horrors I have to cook, because as well as being a Pianist he is also our chef and normally cooks all our meals. And they are always delicious. He is now confined to the library during the day and gets his meals on trays . It does feel odd keeping him in the other end of the house and spending days apart, but so far I haven’t caught it so I suppose it is worth it.

But outside, I do have something to cheer me up. I thought I had lost my little Narcissus minor ‘Cedric Morris’ because they are very susceptible to Narcissus fly and the shoots were hidden by leaves. But here they are in all the glory bringing little dabs of sunshine into the garden and into my heart. They can usually be relied upon to bloom for Christmas and they haven’t let me down this year. These little daffodils are difficult to find and always expensive. But they are worth every penny. I have written about their history before and you can read it here.

Narcissus minor ‘Cedric Morris’

Every year on Christmas Eve I pick as many different flowers as possible for the table and it is always interesting to find how the flower count varies from year to year. So I shall be back on Friday to share my Christmas flowers with you.

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38 Responses to Winter Solstice

  1. Oh, Liz, I am sorry to hear The Pianist got Covid and thankful you were both vaccinated. I have a few vaccinated friends who caught it at the grocery store and all have been fine after a week or so. If he turns into a lizard I have a growing colony in my garden he can join. I am glad Cedric Morris is warming your heart and look forward to your Christmas Eve bouquet.

  2. snowbird says:

    Oh, sorry to hear Christmas is on hold again and that you are having to cook, still as long as the Pianist is OK and you are covid free it will be worth it. What a delightful little

  3. Sorry to hear about Hubby the Pianist is keeping company with a breakthrough COVID infection. I think you two are handling it well. If you have the energy, bake a loaf of tea bread to fill your house with warm aromas. Put on some Advent music and, when the Day arrives, Christmas music. Those tips should cheer you both up, even while living in opposite ends of your world. Merry Christmas!

  4. Eliza Waters says:

    Hope the Pianist gets on the other side of this quickly. Not a fun Christmas present!

  5. Oh, that is exciting about the daffodils! We have no flowers here for months because of our severe winters. But regarding the lengthening of the days…yes, that is definitely something to look forward to. Also, I laughed out loud reading the beginning of your post (although I do hope the pianist recovers quickly).

    • Chloris says:

      That must be hard having no flowers at all in winter. My winter garden keeps me going. The Pianist feels much better thank you and so far shows no sign of turning into a giant lizard.

  6. This was like reading “the bad news and the good news”. Sorry your Christmas plans have been thwarted, but very pleased The Pianist has a mild covid, also pleased to hear that you are keeping safe. Apart from your cooking, is that safe? 😉 Take care, my friend x

  7. Sorry to hear about your husband’s COVID, thankfully he was vaccinated. How nice to have daffodils for Christmas, they do not even bloom here early. We will be seeing 80 F (26 C) for Christmas which actually is unusually warm.

  8. Tina says:

    Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery for The Pianist. Glad you have some lovelies in your garden to soothe the annoyances of life.

  9. Kris P says:

    I’m sorry to hear that the Pianist got caught by COVID. Dr Fauci, the US expert maligned to Trump toadies, has implied that it’s likely few will be able to circumvent it, given its high-speed transmissibility. Yesterday my husband and I (also fully vaccinated and boosted) discussed how we’d isolate from one another if necessary. And I face the same problem with respect to meals if he’s the one that gets sick so I can sympathize with your plight. I hope you remain symptom-free and the Pianist/Chef recovers quickly. Thank goodness we have our gardens!

    P.S. Lizards love the warmth of coastal Southern California so perhaps you might consider moving. You could grow all the succulents you’d like here.

    • Chloris says:

      Yes, I read that unless we live the life of a hermit eventually we will all be exposed to Covid at some point. Thank goodness for the vaccines. I am still well thank you but I am sick of cooking, I’d forgotten what a treadmill it is. I would love to be able to grow some of your beauties and your succulents but my lizard will have to adjust to a colder, wetter climate I’m afraid.

  10. pbmgarden says:

    Best wishes to your Pianist for a speedy recovery. Glad you both were vaccinated and boosted. We are here too and are grateful. Love your bright daffodils.

    • Chloris says:

      Indeed, Susie thank goodness for the vaccines. It is worrying how much stupidity and sheer ignorance there is about vaccination. But it was ever thus. I read that when smallpox vaccination first came out there were people who thought they would turn into some sort of hybrid cow. But now of course, we have social media where there is no conspiracy too daft and far fetched for gullible souls to believe in.

  11. Anna says:

    I hope that the Pianist makes a speedy recovery Chloris and is soon back in full fettle in his kitchen domain. Will keep my fingers crossed that you manage to stay healthy. Glad to read that your ‘Cedric Morris’ has come through. Mine has just opened in the last week or so – some time later than last year. As you say they are definitely worth every penny for the huge lift they give you 😂

    • Chloris says:

      Thank you Anna, I can’t wait for the chef to resume his duties. It was after reading about your Cedric Morris that I found the shoots of mine hidden under leaves. I thought I had lost them but thank goodness they are thriving. They are an absolute dellght.

  12. hope you have a Happy Christmas despite the enforced isolation

  13. Sorry to hear that the Pianist has Covid. Glad that it is only mild. Will you be able to have Christmas dinner together or will he still be in the depths of isolation? Great to see your daffs looking so pretty already. Keep well yourself and have a Happy Christmas

  14. Frog says:

    Beautiful little daffodils! I do hope the Pianist is not feeling too ill and that you don’t catch it. Wishing you a happy Christmas.

  15. Cathy says:

    Sorry to hear that the Pianist cum Chef has Covid and has been banished to the Library, hut pleased to hear that Cedric Morris has provided such a welcome substitute even though he won’t be able to cook your Christmas dinner! Hope the Pianist makes a steady recovery and doesn’t give you an unwelcome Christmas…

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