End of Autumn

I can’t remember a November as beautiful as this one. The leaves have hung on longer than usual and we have been living in a golden, red and russet world. And we have had plenty of blue sky to enjoy, quite unlike the usual foggy, dismal November. Now it has turned cold and the trees will soon be bare. So with thanks for Paul’s photos which are so much better than mine, this is a last glance of the glorious autumn I have been enjoying in my garden.

Cotinus is invaluable for autumn colour.

Cotinus ‘Grace’
Cotinus coggyria

Koelreuteria paniculata ‘Coral Sun’ always looks good in autumn.

Koelreuteria paniculata ‘Coral Sun’

The new part of the garden which was reclaimed a couple of years ago now has trees and shrubs which look quite mature.

I have kept a wide path along the fence to get round to the top part of the garden. It has a carpet of gold at the moment.

But this part of the garden really belongs to the wildlife. Mr. and Mrs. Muntjac have made themselves quite at home down here. I wish they would find somewhere else to live, they chew everything and they are particularly partial to my roses. They look at me as if to say: ‘What are you doing here?’ when I go down the garden.

Mrs. Muntjac sunning herself

We have a wild life camera and it is amazing what a very busy highway this is at night with deer, badgers and foxes making nightly visits.

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28 Responses to End of Autumn

  1. Heyjude says:

    You have had a lovely month – unfortunately down here we have had the fog and cloud!

  2. Charming leaf-“paved” path along the fence made me feel right at home, but I really had to copy the picture of Mr. Munjak to my son and his wife over on the Washington (state) peninsula as they often encounter deer munching in their gardens.

  3. You certainly are having a colorful season.

  4. Kris P says:

    Gorgeous! I’ve been collecting falling leaves and shredding them for my compost pile but I’d be utterly overwhelmed by the quantity you have 😉 I enjoyed your wildlife videos.

  5. Ann Mackay says:

    Lovely to see some of the wildlife that visits your garden – something very special! 🙂

  6. Beautiful fall colors I enjoyed seeing them as it is a rarity here. Muntjacks are new to me and I had to look them up. Do you have native deer?

    • Chloris says:

      Muntjac deer are not native here, they are Chinese. They were introduced into the park at Woburn Abbey early in the 20th century. They escaped and since then they have become an invasive pest throughout the south east of England. They browse through gardens and woodlands destroying young shoots. The dramatic reduction in nightingales here is probably because Muntjacs have destroyed their habitat.

      • Humans never learn or is it they are really slow?Burmese Pythons are eating their way through the native fauna in the Everglades. I would rather see a Muntjac.

  7. Beautiful colours, sadly it’s dismal on the continent. The Cotinus are wonderful for autumn colour, and your silver birch is glorious against a blue sky. Lovely wildlife too – I hope those badgers aren’t digging up your bulbs?!

    • Chloris says:

      This part of the garden has a weed membrane with wood chippings and the badgers are snuffling about for worms. They always dig around and reveal the black membrane which I carefully try to hide. I don’t mind though, as they are beautiful animals and it is a privelege to have them. I love to see the foxes too. I could do without the Muntjacs as they are invasive non- native animals. My little Jack Russell, Pip who is no longer with us, was gored by one a few years ago. They have vicious upturned tusks which they are not afraid to use if a dog chases them.

      • Poor Pip that sounds awful! When did the Muntjacs arrive I wonder? I know the Romans brought a load over animals over to the U.K. including rabbits (love them or loathe them) but maybe the deer came later.

  8. Meriel in Wicklow says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your past few posts. You give me inspiration all the time. Do keep it up. Snap re the deer – Sika here and I get despondent regarding my roses. There is a spray called ‘ Grazers’. It’s not cheap and it needs application every 6 weeks, but worth exploring. Not full proof but helps.

  9. Your garden looks great and I agree with the beautiful fall colors. Best ever. Unfortunately, we have had almost no sun here in Denmark. Much less than normal. (So it was good we had the colors to cheer us up.)
    Nice videos.

    • Chloris says:

      Thank you Lizbeth. I can’t remember such a great, long lasting autumn as the one we have enjoyed this year. It’s all over now though; after the storm we are left with very cold days and nights.

  10. Anna says:

    Such beautiful autumnal colour. Interesting to see your nocturnal garden visitors. We see the odd fox but I’m quite relieved that we don’t entertain badgers or munjaks. Those pesky grey squirrels create enough havoc all by themselves.

    • Chloris says:

      As a child I was a fan of Rupert the Bear and his best friend, Bill Badger. And then there was lovely badger in Wind in the Willows. As he wisely said: There were badgers here, so I’ve been told long before that same city ever came to be. And now there are badgers here again. We are an enduring lot, and we may move out for a time, but we wait and are patient and back we come. And so it will ever be.’ I love badgers, they are beautiful animals and they were here in my garden long before I was, so they have more right to be here than I have. And what’s a few tulip bulbs amongst friends? The Muntjac, on the other hand, is a sworn enemy. I suppose if he had appeared in any of my childhood books, it would have been different. But I cannot love the Muntjac with his vicious tusks .

  11. Cathy says:

    The blue skies really emphasise the colour of the leaves, don’t they? Glorious! Fortunately we only have the smaller ‘pests’ – squirrels and neighbours’ cats, but also the occasional mole and those bloomin’ wood pigeons!

  12. Chloris says:

    Yes, we had some wonderful sunny weather and blue skies this month. It’s all over now of course. Cats, moles and sqirrels are a pest but most of allI am sick of plagues of wood pigeons and their disgusting excrement.

  13. pbmgarden says:

    Looks spectacular and satisfying. I’ve never heard of a Muntjac. Hope they decide to relocate but you have such wonderful offerings they probably think life is good right where they are.

  14. susurrus says:

    It’s very beautiful in the day time and a busy thoroughfare at night. I’m excited to see the badgers.

  15. snowbird says:

    Glorious autumn colour indeed! Oh my, I just loved seeing the wildlife, how wonderful having badgers, foxes and deer in the garden. Lovely seeing the moths too.xxx

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