In a Vase on Monday. Freedom Day?

Well, here we are, the 19th July has been named as Freedom Day by our criminally reckless Prime Minister. We are heading for 1000,000 cases a day later this summer. But Boris is reverting to his original covid strategy known as ‘Let the bodies pile high.’ This will no doubt make him very popular with all the covid deniers, anti- vaxxers, anti-maskers and those who define freedom as the freedom to make money rather than keep people safe. What the ultimate cost will be, we don’t know, but thousands will die and many more will be left with long covid which very often appears to manifest itself as permanently damaged organs. The thousands of people who have no antibodies because they are immuno- compromised will have to retreat indoors because there will be plenty of ‘freedom loving’ selfish idiots around who don’t like wearing masks and going out and about will be too dangerous. And scientists tell us that having an uncontrolled pandemic will be the perfect breeding ground for vaccine -resistant strains of the disease. But of course we live in a populist age and we don’t take any notice of gloomy boffins.

Thank goodness for the sanctuary of our gardens where flowers bloom and the natural world goes about its business regardless of the craziness outside. Today I have two vases. The first celebrates my love of green flowers and umbellifers with a vase of Mathiasella bupluroides which ticks both boxes. The flowers are cup-shaped and look rather like those of the green hellebore, Helleborus argutifolius. They bloom for ages and gradually the jade green flowers become tinged with red. This plant comes from Mexico and was only discovered in 1954.

Mathiasella bupleuroides

This vase came about because I had some sprays of red/ green acer leaves which are a perfect match for the flowers. No, I didn’t pick them, but the Mad Mower Man has been up to his tricks again. The Pianist, is of course, the light of my life, but he uses his ride -on mower as an offensive weapon and woe betide any tree or shrub that gets in the way. Thankfully, apart from losing a few branches, I think the victim will survive, although it might need counselling. I added some quaking grass, Briza media. This grass is easy from seed and looks lovely in the garden swaying in the breeze.

I used my favourite brown Pearsons of Chesterfield jug to match the rather autumnal colours.

And for a second vase I have sweet peas and what would summer be without their wonderful fragrance? The varieties I grew this year are ‘Spencer Wiltshire Ripple’ and ‘ Lilac Ripple’; I am not sure how the pink one crept in.

Lathyrus odoratus. ‘Lilac Ripple’ and ‘Wiltshire Purple Ripple’

Alchemilla mollis is another green flower I wouldn’t be without. It’s frothy flowers are perfect for flower arranging. It can be invasive, but this is easily remedied by cutting off the flower heads before they form seeds. It is a good idea to do this anyway as they benefit from a haircut.

I used another little brown jug for the sweet peas, this time a French one.

You are probably thinking that In a Vase on Monday is not the appropriate platform for a rant. And you are right. I do usually limit myself to all things floral here. But you did get two vases today along with the rant. Do visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and find plenty of rant-free beautiful vases from round the world. And if you are unfortunate enough to live in this benighted country, then good luck. Personally, I’m thinking of moving to Brazil, it might be safer.

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19 Responses to In a Vase on Monday. Freedom Day?

  1. Tracy Perez says:

    I totally agree with you. Ignorant, selfish Trumpites here in the USA will keep Covid going.

  2. I also try not to rant, but I do like to hear opinions and experiences from “the people” and not the news. Texas opened up really early and the mask mandate was removed before the opening. Many businesses required masks, but had no way to enforce them. Basically, most are not wearing masks and all our unvaccinated children are exposed. Our numbers are going up and hospitals filling. I’m watching the Olympic news and its not good.
    Back to flowers. I checked out Mathiasella bupleuroides, as you said it was from Mexico and I’m not familiar with it. The plant prefers a dry climate and it is probably too wet at my end of the state.

  3. pbmgarden says:

    Your pianist may have done us a favor by making available the acer to use in a vase this week. The Mathiasella bupluroides is fascinating and beautiful. Green flowers are enchanting. I had my own rant several weeks ago, something I rarely do on my blog, so I can relate well to your frustration. Things are getting worse here again especially among younger unvaccinated people. It’s really criminal for people to be told not to get vaccinated as is happening here. I suspect those spouting that vile advice are themselves vaccinated. Okay back to normal programming: The sweet peas are lovely too. I’ve got to learn to grow them so I can experience that fragrance. Have good week in the garden.

  4. Rant away, because for folks around the world it’s good to hear what people are saying, from people, and not from politicians or the media. The phrase ‘Freedom Day’ made me cringe a bit when I read it. In my mind, it’s to be used for a country free from apartheid, or a vicious violent despot. Anyway. Love your vases, and laughed at the mad mower as I also have one of those! Take care.

  5. snowbird says:

    Oh, I couldn’t agree more. You rant on! You have me laughing at the mad mower man!!! Those are simply gorgeous and

  6. Cathy says:

    I had an hour to kill between Pilates and a haircut today so ventured into the local shopping area to use up some time and have to say that almost everybody was wearing a mask when they went into shops. But back to vases – I too love green blooms but still don’t have that Mathiasella although have looked out for it when ordering other things. It looks lovely with the Pianist’s accidents. Is Briza media any less rampant than B maxima? Your 2 sweet pea varieties make a lovely combination and it’s a shame about the oddity – I have one amongst my Gwendoline and George VI too! I always forget to pick alchemilla, although I have moved mine and it is not really settled in again, so won’t be invading anywhere quite yet!

  7. susurrus says:

    I find it baffling when the scientists say the results will be the same no matter when they reopen. Different people will obviously be infected and potentially die, which in my way of thinking is not the same. Why on earth people should not be instructed to mask up indoors for longer is beyond me, unless the idea is to actively encourage infection. We met an unmasked young lady an hour or so ago in a garden centre shop sitting beside a fan who said she would help us but she was ‘fresh off the plane’. We made our way out of the shop as quickly as we could.

  8. I, too, am appreciating your rant. I think the governer of Florida’s attitude is similar to Boris’s and probably killed untold numbers. I also appreciate the vases and my husband has fortunately discontinued mowing the grass…though I love the Japanese Maple foliage in the vase I doubt you would have cut it otherwise? New ideas often spring from pruning, intentional or not? I had dreadful luck with Sweetpeas last winter, you have inspired me to try again.

  9. swesely says:

    Rant on – you expressed so clearly what many are feeling. The mathiasella is interesting and unusual, though it would not survive where I live. The sweet peas are gorgeous

  10. Kris P says:

    Your rant is right on point and your concerns are the same ones many of us across the pond share. Los Angeles County has reintroduced its indoor masking rule and is getting a lot of flack about it. It’s discouraging – although even worse elsewhere in the world based on the article I read about Myanmar this morning.

    I would have taken your Mathiasella for Helleborus if you hadn’t clarified that. I love green flowers too. Your sweet peas are gorgeous and have me missing mine, pulled out in early May, which was actually later than usual.

  11. Anna says:

    A good old rant does help to let off steam and you are in the company of friends here Chloris. I think that some sections of the press are behind the odious ‘Freedom Day’ tag and not Boris himself – never thought that I would defend the man 😂 Never mind Brazil – I would be happy to hop over the border from Cheshire to North Wales or travel further north to Scotland where both governments are taking a more cautious and measured approach. Enough said. Lovely shades of sweet pea flowers and I have made another note to myself to replace my lovely mathiasella which has not reappeared this year after at least ten years in the garden. I think it was the wet February that may have been responsible. Fingers crossed for the acer!

  12. tonytomeo says:

    Alchemilla mollis looks something like elderflower, but without the corymb form. They sort of look like they are arranged in small corymbs, but not so symmetrically, and not in big single corymbs.

  13. What a mess…similar debates going on over here. Rant on! Your vases are perfect, as always.

  14. Frog says:

    The vases are beautiful and the ranr is spot on, dear Chloris. Thank you for sharing both.

  15. Heyjude says:

    I do like the occasional rant and Freedom Day has to be the most idiotic term yet! Freedom for whom? Money talks in this country. And I’m sure the government are more than happy to kill off the oldies and save on their pensions. Win-win for them. Like many ‘older’ people I shall not be changing my habits any time soon, and I’ll still wear the mask in the supermarket even though I hate them. Beaches will be avoided for yet another 6 weeks, as will towns. Let’s hope these vaccines are as good as they say they are. I’m not sure how that can be proven yet, given most people haven’t really mixed with others. I guess the proof will be over the next month.
    Anyway, before I forget, love your sweet peas. I sowed mine late and then I bought some seedlings as mine were a bit weak. I have just seen signs of flower buds today! Better late than never!
    Stay safe xx

  16. I like a good rant with a gardening post, let’s be honest, it does make things more interesting. I’ve lived abroad now for 12 years, and though I miss my home country, I have to say it just seems to get more and more bizarre looking from the outside in. Can’t understand why it’s a problem to ask people to exercise freedom responsibly by making masks mandatory in crowded places, shops, public transport etc. And at the same time Boris and co seem quite happy to export Covid strains out to the world to enable Brits to have their holidays – but not to enable British people living abroad to visit their families (we would still have to quarantine when coming from an Amber list country) – many of us haven’t been able to do so for 12-18 months. Fairness just doesn’t seem to be part of their calculations at all. Good luck with it all, perhaps another U-turn is on the horizon.

  17. Absolutely no need to apologize for the rant – I feel the same way because IMHO, the USA/CDC lifted the mask mandate/recommendation far too soon. I’m fully vaxed since late February but still wear a mask any time I go into any public building, and I’m still buying disposable gloves by the case and quarantining newly arrived items for 3 days unless they’ve already been in transit for that long. I do love your arrangements, by the way!

  18. Cath says:

    It’s interesting to hear the news from your point of view. I love both your vases, and I was wondering how you had hellebores in the middle of summer. It reminds me to sow my sweet peas, tomorrow! Mathiasella bupluroides is very lovely, I haven’t seen it before, and as far as I can tell it’s not available here in NZ .
    We do have some incidents with the lawnmower here, however since the last one was me taking out the main plumbing pipe to the underground water tank, I can’t really complain. :/

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