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In Vase on Monday. Ancient Aristocrats.

In my opinion magnolias are the aristocrats of the tree world and they are the ones with the most ancient lineage. Fossil remains have been found dating back to the Cretaceous period; that is 145-146 million years ago. Get your … Continue reading

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Top Ten March Blooms.

Well spring has definitely sprung even if many people are too sunk in apocalypse gloom to notice much. But as gardeners we do notice and being outside in our own little kingdoms is a wonderful way to escape from the … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday. Daffies

It’s that time of year again at last. Cheery daffodils mean spring, although most of us aren’t feeling the usual seasonal euphoria and perhaps Hector’s expression sums up the 2020, spring vibe.  But still, don’t you feel sorry for non-gardeners … Continue reading

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