In a Vase on Monday. In the Red.

Many followers of Cathy’s meme ‘In a Vase on Monday’ have become so enthusiastic about it that they have created cut-flower beds. I have  got caught up in it too and I have turned over one of my raised vegetable beds to annuals for cut flowers this year.

I always grow a few cosmos and the one I chose this year is a gloriously rich ruby-red, stripey one called ‘Velouette’.

Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Velouette’

It is a perfect match for the satiny magenta- red flower of Malope trifida  ‘Vulcan’.

Malope trifida ‘Vulcan’

I like the pointy apple green buds too.

The red flowers look good in my black Victorian mourning vase. The Victorians were addicted to mourning and all the funereal impedimenta that went with it. I like black though and it sets off these dark ruby flowers perfectly.

It is amazing the variety of shades of colour that come under the word red. I don’t think ‘Vulcan’ is a good name for the malope. Vulcan was the Roman Fire God and I think the name should be reserved for fiery red flowers like this Crocosmia ‘Hellfire’. This one is better than ‘Lucifer’ as it has no trace of yellow in it and is redder than red.

Crocosmia ‘Hellfire’

Now that’s the sort of red I think is appropriate for a Fire God.

Thinking about red flowers made me go out foraging in the rain for a few true red flowers in the garden.  And so here is the little vase of  hot reds to cheer up a dismal day. The dahlia is ‘Tam Tam’ and I used dill flower heads.

Dahlia ‘TamTam’

Once the rain came on heavily I had to move indoors and I discarded most of the dill and added a few dark heuchara leaves and some fluffy Pennisetum villosum grass heads for a sultry look.

I used one or two  blooms from my ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ seedlings for different shades of red.

I love the veined flowers of Abutilon ‘Nabob’.

The Nasturtiums or ‘Nasty urchins’ as I thought they were called when I was a child, are ‘Black Velvet’.
I have used a red Penstemon ‘ King George’.

I also used a few sprigs of Salvia ‘Royal Bumble’.

All these reds have made me long for a bit more late summer red. In my last garden, inspired by the red garden at Hidcote, I created a red border. I haven’t got so much space here, but still I think I need to find somewhere to devote to a few more floral fireworks.

In my next post, now I am all fired up, I will explore the red theme a bit more. In the meantime thanks to lovely Cathy at Ramblinginthegarden for getting us all to put something ‘In a Vase on Monday’

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18 Responses to In a Vase on Monday. In the Red.

  1. Cathy says:

    I need to be writing lots of notes from your post, Chloris, as you are tempting me with so many things – that cosmos especially. And is nasty urchin Black Velvet darker than Mahogany? I lifted my P villosum as I had done the previous winter but is has not come away well at all this year – I did take a couple of offshoots from the clump, so do you think this will have affected it or could it be something else? thanks for sharing all your reds, including Hellfire, although sadly I have just taken the decision to remove all the croscosmia here as they have seriously underperformed for years, despite division

  2. Sam says:

    Both are gorgeous vases. I was admiring this Malope in a friend’s garden at the weekend – I definitely need some in my garden next year; it’s such a lovely colour and shape!

  3. Annette says:

    Velouette is certainly one to remember, just stunning. You’ve combined them so well, love your velvety-red vase 🙂

  4. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Both are fabulous vases and red is such a great flower color! Your arrangements beautifully celebrate the warmth of summer! We seldom get rain from July through September or October so the rain glistening on your flowers is a delight.

  5. The first vase looks like an Old Masters painting. So pretty. I like the red flowers, too, and agree with you about Vulcan. You have inspired me, I may try some Cosmos this winter. Do they last in a vase?

  6. Alison C says:

    Oh my, I’m adding that cosmos to my list. A dark and sultry collection in your vases, the Victorians would approve. I did not know they went as far as mourning vases, though.

  7. Cathy says:

    That cosmos is lovely, as is the deep red dahlia. I grew Abutilons too this year and love those petals. Gorgeous mixtures of reds and textures too. Look forward to your post on red flowers – I think I need more red!

  8. Kris P says:

    You have a lovely range of reds in your garden already. ‘Velouette’ may be the prettiest cosmos I’ve ever seen. It’s also one I’ve never seen offered for sale, in plant or seed, here (although I did just find the seeds for sale by mail order). Despite my appreciation for the lovely cosmos, my favorite of your creations is the second one featuring the dahlias and the heuchera leaves. I did some foraging for companions for red blooms myself this week – heuchera would have been a boon but the plants fry the moment summer arrives here so I’ve given up on them.

  9. Gorgeous reds – I’m inspired by your combinations.

  10. mrsdaffodil says:

    Yes, we are always looking for a space! Wondefully clear photos.

  11. Gorgeous! I’m looking forward to your next instalment on the red theme very much indeed.

  12. pbmgarden says:

    Oh, just loving your magnificent reds! I planned a red border once (wonder what happened to those plants?). Gorgeous flowers and excellent photos. Hope you’re doing well and enjoying a great summer.

  13. snowbird says:

    Both vases are alive and pulsing. So many shades of red there. Loved the cosmos and satiny Vulcan. Vulcan IS such a good name for the hellfire, although I like that too. Your nasty urchins had me laughing, it reminded me of my childhood when my older brother told me that a no trespassing sign in the woods read as, Trespassers will be uprooted and shooted, [prosecuted] I believed that for years. I had a panic attack every time I saw a

  14. That cosmos is gorgeous, Liz.

  15. Tes bouquets sont superbes ! Bravo 🙂 et bravo pour ton jardin

  16. Anna says:

    Cathy has taken the words out of my mouth 🙂 I don’t recall seeing ‘ Vellouette’ in any catalogue so am off forthwith to do some research forthwith whilst it’s fresh in my mind. I grew ‘Rubenza’ this year but remain unconvinced.

  17. ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ is my favorite dahlia. I don’t grow any dahlias, though, because I don’t have time for digging up the tubers, etc. I’ve never seen a Cosmos of that color. Lovely arrangement.

  18. Lavinia Ross says:

    These are beautiful red-hued flowers, Chloris! Nasturtiums are among my favorites.

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