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My Top Ten Late June Floral Delights.

Swirling in at number one, doing the Jarabe tapatio; the Mexican Hat Dance, we have Tigridia pavonia. The Tigridia comes from Mexico. From the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa we have another bulb, Albuca shawii. It has deliciously fragrant, little yellow … Continue reading

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Some Like It Hot.

And I do, I really love it, but for gardeners it means endless watering. It takes its toll on a girl. Even though it is very hot, the Pianist is not being idle, as you can see, whilst Chloris wilts, … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday. Pink and Orange.

June is a very pink month in the garden, I have lots of pink roses and how pretty they look in a vase. Even the ones that are hanging their heads looking overblown and blowsy sum up June for me. … Continue reading

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Boxford Open Gardens – Sunday 4th June 2017 — Wild Carrot Photography

I have never reblogged anyone’s post before as I prefer to write my own material.  But last Sunday a very hot looking Amanda from Wild Carrot Photography appeared in my garden weighed down by a very business-looking camera. She had … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday. ‘Silly Cow’.

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‘June is bustin’ out all over.’

For gardeners, April, May and June are the golden months of the year but June takes the crown because it brings  with it the dizzying, intoxicating splendour of roses. And aren’t they wonderful this year? But first of all, craven … Continue reading

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