Wordless Wednesday. A South African Beauty.

Moraea huttonii

Moraea huttonii

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35 Responses to Wordless Wednesday. A South African Beauty.

  1. Cape Tulips! fantastic

  2. Christina says:

    Oh! I like that, something else to tempt me. Is it in your greenhouse or outside?

  3. How wonderful, it looks so exotic too.

  4. mrsdaffodil says:

    It is very like an Iris. Is the foliage strap-like? Very beautiful, and beautifully photographed.

  5. Anna says:

    Oh that’s most striking. An iris relative I imagine. I’m off to find out more forthwith 🙂

  6. Brian Skeys says:

    Another unusual beauty. I will have look this one up.

  7. Very pretty! I got excited when I learned it was a South African bulb suitable to my climate AND available from my favorite Northern California mail order nursery but then I read that it needs a lot of water…

  8. AnnetteM says:

    Lovely – have added it to my wish list. I have quite a lot of plants from your blog on my wish list!!

  9. Flighty says:

    What a fascinating looking flower. xx

  10. Angie says:

    I immediately though Iris too – beautiful.

  11. That is a stunner Chloris. Where is it planted?

    • Chloris says:

      It is planted in a sunny border. In its native South Africa it is a summer rainfall species growing on the banks of mountain streams so perhaps it would enjoy somewhere damper.

  12. karen says:

    I love the bud too. There’s so much anticipation there, just waiting to unfurl and reveal such beauty. I’m looking it up now to see if we can grow it in the UK

  13. Beautiful. To me it looks more like Siberian Iris.

    • Chloris says:

      Yes, I agree it does look just like a Siberian Iris but then it does belong to the Iridaceae family. Some of the moraeas look much more exotic, but they are not hardy here.

  14. It looks like a Siberian iris to me, too. But regardless, she’s a beauty!

  15. snowbird says:

    How beautiful, I thought it was an iris, one always receives an education here!!!xxx

    • Chloris says:

      Well it is a sort of Iris, it belongs to the Iridaceae family. But there are some stunning Moraeas. This is the only one I’ ve managed to keep going outside.

  16. annamadeit says:

    Oh, that IS a beauty! Moraea is a new one to me – very nice!

  17. Chloris says:

    I love all Moraeas but most of them are not hardy here.

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