In a Vase on Monday

‘Chaste snowdrop, venturous harbinger of spring,

and pensive monitor of fleeting years!’  William Wordsworth.

I’m joining in with Cathy’s meme today with a little bunch of snowdrops in my little Medina glass snowflake vase. I have used Arum subsp. italicum ‘Marmoratum’ for foliage and a few hazel catkins. The snowdrops are a mixture of singles and doubles. The singles are the most fragrant of all snowdrops. These include ”Ginn’s Imperati’, ‘S. Arnott’ and his even more fragrant cousin ‘Brenda Troyle’. They give off a delicious honey fragrance when they are brought into the warmth.

What a delight it is to have more and more different snowdrops opening each day. In the greenhouse the new ones are ‘Diggory,  which has a nice, plump, bell-shaped  flower. ‘Rodmarton’  is one of the tallest and largest of the doubles. Most exciting of all,  I now have the long coveted, ‘Wendy’s Gold’, which was a gift from the lovely Anna of Green Tapestry blog. Many, many thanks, dear Anna.

In the garden there are plenty more snowdrops in bloom.

Hellebores are doing really well this year and there are also plenty of other little jewel like flowers to enjoy.

Crocus thommasinianus

Crocus thommasinianus

Iris reticulcata

Iris reticulcata

Cyclamen coum with Aconitum hyemalis

Cyclamen coum with Aconitum hyemalis

Thank you Cathy at Ramblinginthegarden for inspiring us all to find lovely flowers to bring into the house all year round. Do go and see what she and everyone else has found to put in a vase this week.

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57 Responses to In a Vase on Monday

  1. Oh I am swooning over this vase….I love the Medina glass snowflake vase…it is stunning. And all those snowdrops…you have quite a collection. Then to see all my favorite early spring flowers was enough to make me want the snow to melt today and the bulbs to start flowering.

  2. Christina says:

    Lovely to have enough snowdrops to stuff a vase! I am beginning to really appreciate having little signs of spring in the house; and while there are only ones and twos of things outside I’m not spoiling a display.

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  4. AnnetteM says:

    I can’t believe you have so many spring flowers out already. I think we have another month to go before see so many, unless the weather takes a real turn for the better. Is your vase from Malta? We lived in Malta for a few years when we were first married and often took visitors to the Mdina factory where they could pick up bargains.

    • Chloris says:

      I have noticed that your Scottish gardens are behind ours. It has been so mild here apart from a few days. You have got all the pleasure to come.
      No, I bought the vase here, I’ ve never been to Malta.

      • AnnetteM says:

        We are usually a couple of weeks behind you, but you seem even further ahead than that this year. It is good to have all that to look forward to.

  5. gardenfancyblog says:

    Amazing that you have so many flowers outside already — I never get over that…. Thanks so much for sharing this breath of spring with us! -Beth

  6. What a treasure trove of late winter gems, thank you for the Wordsworth too – I always forget the poignant closing line, perhaps more conveniently as I age! Wonderful snowdrop galleries, I like plump Diggory very much.

  7. Flighty says:

    Lovely post and pictures. xx

  8. How exciting it must be to have such a great variety of snowdrops. They are a challenge here, so I must content myself with ‘Magnet’ which is the best for our growing conditions. Now that my initial planting has survived, I must remember to add more.

  9. Pauline says:

    Really enjoyed seeing all your wonderful spring flowers, it can’t be long until it is really spring can it? Your vase of snowdrops is lovely but I can’t bring myself to cut mine!

    • Chloris says:

      It certainly seemed spring like today, it was so mild. Now we need it to dry out.
      It is worth picking a few fragrant snowdrops, they smell delicious indoors.

  10. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Beautiful arrangement! I didn’t know that snowdrops were fragrant when brought inside and can’t wait to try this when mine open up. They’re budded so it’ll only be a few days now. You’ve so many wonderful blooms in your garden already!

  11. Anca Tîrcă says:

    Such a pleasure to see your spring flowers, Chloris!Hope I will have some snowdrops in my next Monday vase.

  12. Kris P says:

    Your garden is full of little treasures, Chloris! The vase of snowdrops, perfectly accented by the Arum leaves is also wonderful too. I think you’re as obsessed with your snowdrops as I am with my Grevillea.

  13. jenhumm116 says:

    What a beautiful vase and what wonderful spring bulbs you have.
    I love the snowdrops, particularly ‘Diggory’, but I thought that one was move obviously ‘seersuckered’.

  14. Love the arrangement, the Snowdrops create a sweeping line with the Arum backdrop, very nice. I like the vase as well and need to look that up, Mdina. Amy

  15. snowbird says:

    Ahhhh….what a sweet display, and very artistic to me dear gal….such a wonderful vase too.
    What an array of blooms you have, it must look like spring in your garden. I even have a snowdrop or two and crocus coming up!xxx

  16. Cathy says:

    Yes, lovely indeed to have enough snowdrops to stuff into a vase – although none of my ordinaries are ready to flower yet and I am not sure I would spare a whole posy of my specials. You have some lovely clumps of specials there – it looks like another ‘yellow’ one in the top right picture of your 6, and what is the one with the big X in the middle bottom? No sign of my ‘Wasp’ so I can’t offer you a replacement, sadly…. Good to know your crocus are flowering as well

  17. Chloris says:

    The big x is Little John and the top right is Galanthus plicatus Madelaine.
    The fragrant Sam Arnott and Ginn’ s Imperati quickly make big clumps and it is worth bringing them inside as the scent is delicious.

  18. Anna says:

    Oh now that’s simple perfection Chloris. Scent too. What more could you wish for in a vase? My snowdrops in the garden are only just on the point of opening but maybe I will pick some later in the week. Lovely to see Wendy in her new home 🙂

    • Chloris says:

      Have you got Ginns imperati? It smells particularly sweet. I have been meaning to ask you whether you have Madelaine and if not whether you would like her?

  19. susurrus says:

    We spent the day in Gloucester visiting two snowdrop gardens – seeing your posy was the perfect way to cap it off.

  20. pbmgarden says:

    What could be lovelier than your vase of snowdrops!

  21. Oh, you do have an impressive collection of Snowdrops! And all the other beauties! Sigh… I must wait for many weeks for the beginning of outdoor blooms. Until then, I’ll be thrilled to visit beautiful blogs like yours. 🙂

  22. Very pretty. The catkins match the vase wonderfully and I do like frilly double snowdrops. Mine seem to be a bit behind yours.

  23. Cathy says:

    I see you are also a collector of snowdrops Chloris. I do love all the different shapes and colours, and a vase full of them is pure delight. (Especially such a pretty vase too.) Enjoy them while they last!

  24. homeslip says:

    Oh you have persuaded me to pick a posy of snowdrops for my ice blue Caithness for Cathy vase. I love how they release their scent indoors. Yes, the garden is waking up, not that it was asleep for long!

  25. Another lovely display! It is good to embrace all the seasons. I especially like the aconites and cyclamen.

  26. Julie says:

    A lovely vase Chloris – what a lot of different snowdrops you have! It looks like spring has already arrived in your garden – I think you are a bit more sheltered than I am.

    • Chloris says:

      Thank you Julie, it doesn’ t feel very sheltered at the moment. It is cold and windy and I wish the sun would come out, I can’ t wait to get on out there.

  27. Annette says:

    Beautiful arrangement and such an unusual vase, I love it! Do you also have problems with blackbirds killing the crocuses? I’m heart-broken this year.

  28. A sight for sore eyes, Chloris. Although yesterday was so mild here, we wondered if Lady Spring was on the way.

  29. Chloris says:

    I hope spring really is on the way for you. No sign of her here yet as it remains cold and windy. Perhaps one day soon.

  30. Wendy’s Gold is a sophisticated snowdrop. Very lovely. I never have the heart to pick snowdrops – I should really pick one or two, if only to enjoy the scent. Perhaps if I grew more, I would be inclined to pick some. Oh good – an excuse to increase my snowdrop collection has just presented itself. Wonderful! … as if I needed an excuse .

  31. Oh, I love that last picture with the Aconitum and Cyclamen. Our first Snowdrops have emerged but it will be a while before they bloom.

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