Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. June

Here we are in June, the most heavenly month in the gardener’s calendar, full of scents and velvety richness. Our gardens are packed full of delicious blooms.

For this Bloom Day I will take you into the front garden, as I haven’t shown it to you this year. This is a cottage garden and it is crammed full of plants; I prefer a rich tapestry to swathes of uniform colour.
An old house like ours has to have roses round the door. I think this next  one is ‘Aloha’
DSC_0936 There were several others when we came here, including ‘New Dawn’ and the rambler ‘Wedding Day’ which is totally unsuitable for growing on the house, I am constantly hacking it back.

There are plenty of other roses in the front garden. I planted this modern climber ‘Karlsruhe’ to grow through a Yew by the drive. I thought the bright pink flowers brighten up the sombre  foliage.

There is a climber of the softest pink scrambling through the lilac. I think it is ‘Ophelia’.
I removed the row of stiff gawky ‘Iceberg’ because they were showing their age, but I left this one.
A friend gave me a cutting of her lovely Rosa ‘Pearl Drift’. It is a cross made by Le Grice between ‘Mermaid’ and ‘New Dawn’ . It makes a low growing shrub with healthy, glossy leaves and semi- double flowers which are a lovely mother-of-pearl colour.  I thought I had lost it after a rabbit got into the garden and chewed it to nothing a couple of years ago, but it has bounced back.

Rosa 'Pearl Drift'

Rosa ‘Pearl Drift’

I keep the colour palette in the front garden to pinks, lilacs, purple and blues, but there  are things here that I didn’t plant. There is quite a lot of yellow in the form of a golden Philadelphus which is in quite the wrong place as the sun scorches its leaves. Next to it is a huge Phlomis fruticosa. To add insult to injury there is a pink rose growing in front; pink and yellow is a combination I particularly dislike. Still, I haven’t the heart to get rid of it. Not yet.

Some people don’t like the modern ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ which is not blue at all. I love its antiquey,  violet shade. It fades beautifully too.

Rosa 'Rhapsody in Blue'

Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’

I planted a Thalictrum next to it. The purple stems and flowers are a perfect match.
Here is another Thalictrum. I have them all round the garden and they seed themselves about very obligingly.

Thalictrum delavayii

Thalictrum delavayii

I love Cistus and the oddly named Cistus x purpureus makes a lovely large bush. It is pink with maroon splodges. Should you want more, they are very easy from cuttings. The little white flowered plant in the left of the picture is a thyme which seeds around everywhere. The silver leafed plant with white flowers next to it  is Convolvulus cneorum.



Convolvulus cneorum

Convolvulus cneorum

No June garden is complete without the oriental poppies. ‘Patty’s Plum’ is a rich colour which looks wonderful for a brief moment. Unfortunately it doesn’t die well and the petals soon turn brown.

Papaver 'Patty's Plum'

Papaver orientale ‘Patty’s Plum’

I did have a tree peony in this part of the garden. It was a gorgeous confection of pink tissue paper. Unfortunately it resented the move and died. The peony which it had been grafted onto flourishes though and I rather like it, as I love single flowers.
I know some people love hardy geraniums but I can never get excited by them although they are quite useful for making nice pools of colour.
I can never remember which of the blues this is. Perhaps a Geranium enthusiast can tell me.
Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Bevan’s Variety is a pretty shade of pink.It is growing here with Erigeron karvinskianus.


A few Pinks are in bloom. This Dianthus superbus can’t make its mind up whether to be pink or white.


I can’t think of the name of this next one, but it is so pretty and smells heavenly.


June is Campanula time and mine are just starting to come into bloom, much later than last year. I love them as I can’t resist bell-shaped flowers. This Campanula latifolia ‘Alba’ seeded itself here by the wall.

Campanula latifolia 'Alba'

Campanula latifolia ‘Alba’

Also in white is the first of the peach-leaved Campanulas which seed themselves round the garden.

Campanula persicifolia

Campanula persicifolia

The lovely deep purple ‘Sarastro’ is not out yet, but a new one this year is Campanula ‘Purple Sensation’ which is very similar.

Campanula 'purple Sensation'

Campanula ‘purple Sensation’

One of my favourite bell flowers is the lovely Symphyandra ‘Zanzegur’which I grew from seed a few years ago. It seeds itself around and there is always a waiting list amongst my friends for this little gem. The one in the picture is growing quite tall as it tries to climb the wall.

Symphyandra 'Zanzegur'

Symphyandra ‘Zanzegur’

One of the babies is a darker shade of blue. I love the way it has purple stems.
We can revisit the front garden soon when more lovelies are in bloom, but I can’t finish Bloom Day without taking you round to the back garden to see two special plants. The first is this lovely Dactylorhiza which is doing so well. I have several of these but none of them look as good as this.
The other delight is a Clematis I grew from seed from Clematis montana ‘Marjorie’.   Marjorie is very pretty with creamy pink flowers, but this one has white and green flowers and I am thrilled with it.
So this is my Bloom Day for this month, I could go on but you have other things to do. If you were really here with me in the garden, I wouldn’t let you off so lightly.
Do go over to Carol at Maydreams Gardens and see  what other people have in bloom this month.

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62 Responses to Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. June

  1. Val says:

    Absolutely magical~ lush and gorgeous! What a lovely place it must be to see from your windows or better still to be out in the midst of . Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Oh, Chloris. You need an army of gardeners to take care of a garden this beautiful and complex. Or maybe a garden of strong arms… Either way: how perfectly lovely.

  3. snowbird says:

    Oh…if only I were there with you in the garden!
    That does it! I must pay you a visit in June….cottage gardens are my favorite and all those charming blooms have me green with envy, especially the roses….those adorable ROSES! Now why have you kept this haven to yourself??? Probably because you are spoilt for choice! xxx

    • Chloris says:

      Well that would be nice if you paid me a June visit. The front garden comes into its own in summer, this is its best time for the next month or so.

  4. mattb325 says:

    June is truly magnificent in the UK….it is one of the things I miss about living there! Your garden is stunning. I love the riot of froth and colour out the front, the roses and all of the companion plants are just delightful

  5. Anca Tîrcă says:

    What else can I say, Chloris – simply WONDERFUL! It is the type of garden I like, the one that gives you a sense of freedom both in styles and in lines. I will revisit your post tomorrow to enjoy the views.

  6. Anna says:

    Your June garden is looking the very essence of summer Chloris. So many beautiful flowers to admire and covet especially the symphyandra. You must be delighted with your clematis baby and intrigued by the dianthus with an identity problem.

  7. Chloris says:

    I will save you some seeds of the Symphyandra Anna, remind me later in the year. Everyone who sees it wants it. I am excited by the Clematis, it is the first time it has flowered this year.

  8. Sarah says:

    I do love visiting your garden Chloris, there is always something new to see and I’m always inspired to make a note or two. I’ve recently planted a purple-stemmed thalictrum in between a group of allium Christophii so I’m looking forward to seeing that combination next year, but where has my clump of white campanula gone? I need to have a good look tomorrow. Marjorie is so pretty, no wonder you are pleased and the special blue bell flower against the pink-washed wall is perfection. And your roses ….what can I say. It is all as lovely as a cottage garden in June should be. Thank you!

    • Chloris says:

      Thank you Sarah. Thalictrum and Allium will look great together, what a good idea. The Clematis is actually Marjorie’ s daughter so I will have to think of another name for her.

  9. Laurin Lindsey says:

    June is beautiful in your lovely cottage garden. You have so many plants I wish would grow here but we are just to hot and humid. The oriental poppy ‘Patty’s Plum’ is gorgeous. Wow!

    • Chloris says:

      But you have plants that we can’ t grow here, so it’ s swings and roundabouts. Patty’ s Plum is sumptuous but I wish the flowers didn’ t look so rusty as they are going over.

  10. Tina says:

    Well I just ooed and aahed my way through that post. Your front garden is absolutely gorgeous beyond words. I love that tumble of color and you have so much variety. Like you, I love cottage garden style and it’s not done better than in an English garden. Thank you for the tour.

  11. rusty duck says:

    Chloris you have some real gems and the colour scheme is perfect. Love the deep blues, especially that Symphyandra ‘Zanzegur’. I shall have to try cuttings from Cistus this year, insurance against the Devon wet.

    • Chloris says:

      Thank you Jessica, yes it is always a good idea to have some Cistus cuttings in reserve. Even if they don’ t suffer from winter wet, I find eventually they get too wild and wooly.

  12. AnnetteM says:

    Your.cottage garden is beautiful with such a wonderful variety of plants. I loved the tour – it is always such a pleasure to see your garden.

  13. Oh my! You are awash in color and scent! I must say, my favorite for beauty of bloom is the ‘Ophelia’ Rose! Dreamy …

  14. Kris P says:

    Your front garden is a wonder to behold! Cottage gardens always fill me with sheer joy – everywhere you look there’s something exciting to see. I love the ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ rose and the white and green Clematis. I looked up the Symphyandra and was delighted to find that my favorite mail-order nursery had it in stock but it’s water needs led me to back off – someday maybe if the drought eases up.

    • Chloris says:

      I am so excited about the Clematis, I know they don’ t come true from seed but I didn’ t expect it to be white and green. It is so unusual.
      The Symphyandra would look pretty in a pot and would be easier to take care of.

  15. Julie says:

    I would be wanting to charge round the back to see what else you have there, and no need to apply any pressure. Your front garden is so very pretty. You made me laugh with the yellow and pink thing, I was just beginning to think how lovely those two colours were together.

  16. Julie says:

    Your front garden is looking glorious Chloris! I love the way you have used the roses to scramble through your trees. I am delighted that you said you prefer a tapestry to a swathe – I often feel I am the only one not planting in colour blocks these days. I can also identify with your difficulty in removing unsuitable plants – when plants are inherited and doing so well it seems almost cruel to take hem out – I have quite a few in this category. I love your single pink peony – I have two that look the same – I rarely cut these though as they are growing with my roses & I do not want to spoil the vision. Thank you for the look around your garden!

  17. Cathy says:

    What a voluptuous, true cottage garden, Chloris! Here’s another vote for the symphyandra and Campanula ‘Purple Sensation’, but what caught my eye in the first picture was ‘Patty’s Plum’ in the distance. I’m so glad you came back to it. And thanks for nipping round the back and treating us to the Dactylorhiza and sweet little ‘Marjorie’. Another thing (first pic again) that struck me is how much hard paving contributes to really setting off all that profusion ….

    • Chloris says:

      Thank you Cathy, as you see I like to cram them in and have a rich tapestry of colour. June is when the front garden is looking its best.

  18. What for a great and lovely garden ! Great collection of flowers too, and all these colors are “joyfull ”
    have a good day in your garden 😉

  19. Cathy says:

    Your front garden is glorious with all those roses and so many pretty cottage garden flowers. I always enjoy a tour of your garden Chloris! 🙂

  20. Pauline says:

    Your front garden is so beautiful, so pretty and a wonderful example of an English Cottage Garden. My Patty’s Plum is in half shade, it doesn’t get the sun until the afternoon and she lasts quite a time and dies beautifully! Your Symphyandra is so unusual, such lovely tiny bells, I love all blue flowers in the garden. Thank you for letting us wander round your front garden, it is beautiful!

  21. Love your garden – so full and abundant. I like your color scheme, including the white and near-white flowers that are scattered about (especially the roses). I envy your Campanulas, they always die out in my garden.

  22. Cathy says:

    All very lovely and I look forward to seeing the real thing soon – but what’s this about not liking geraniums..? Ps no sign of my ‘Sarastro’ this year… 😦

  23. Chloris says:

    I like Geraniums, but they don’ t excite me. Looking forward to meeting you.

  24. What a fantastic amount of colour you have. I might have to re-consider roses in the garden, because yours look so good.

  25. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Breathtaking views of your glorious garden! So much to love. Your Symphyandra ‘Zanzegur’ is quite nice and I can almost smell the dianthus and roses from here.

  26. Flighty says:

    A really enjoyable post with a wonderful selection of pictures.
    Cottage gardens are my sort of gardens so so like everything that you’ve shown here. I especially like the white convolvulus and campanulas. xx

  27. Angie says:

    Your front garden is a joy to behold Chloris – a perfect cottage garden. It must be buzzing with bees too. My wee Symphyandra seedling is coming along just find but have to say you’ve hit on a winner with Marjorie’s baby. It’s a beauty.

    • Chloris says:

      Thank you Angie. Yes I have plenty of bees.
      I am glad your Symphyandra is coming on, it should flower next year and I think you will
      enjoy it.

  28. pbmgarden says:

    Your front garden is so glorious and full of imaginative, interesting plants. The soft colored ‘Ophelia’ is so charming and I join everyone in admiring Symphyandra. June here nothing at all like yours.

  29. Debra says:

    Blue bells and roses and clematis, oh my. As Angie says: a perfect cottage garden. Heavenly. Isn’t June wonderful?

  30. bittster says:

    I’m glad I didn’t miss this post, your front garden is amazing and I don’t think I’ve seen a wider view such as this. There seem to be treasures packed into every open nook and cranny, and it all works so well together… except for the yellow and pink, although I do have the same colors together in my own garden and am not bothered enough to do anything about mine either!
    I love the little Symphyandra. I’m going to try and keep an eye out for it over here!

  31. Chloris says:

    Thank you Frank. I have never seen the Symphyandra for sale here, I grew it from seed.

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