Another Vase on Monday. Memories of Martinique.

These flowers  break the rules of Cathy‘s meme ‘In a Vase on Monday’.  I have to admit they certainly don’t come from my garden; they arrived at the door just now.  They are  a gift from the Pianist and as they are so beautiful, I am bending the rules of the meme and showing them to you.

One of our favourite places in the world is the magical island of Martinique.

Although the Pianist doesn’t notice flowers, even he can’t miss the flamboyant tropical flowers that grow there. The island’s ancient name was Madinina which means the ‘Island of Flowers’ and this is what it is.   The people of Martinique are passionate about their gardens. Here are a few flowers captured on some of our visits there.

When we are not looking  at flowers  in Martinique, this is what we enjoy doing. IMG_1361
And today looking at my beautiful flowers I can recreate some of these  magical memories. So many thanks to my lovely Pianist.

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40 Responses to Another Vase on Monday. Memories of Martinique.

  1. hoehoegrow says:

    Ok … when does the next flight leave to Martinique ? It looks like paradise and the flowers are a dream. Your lovely bouquet must bring back so many happy memories.

  2. Kris P says:

    Exotic and very beautiful! Any man who sends flowers is a keeper.

  3. Christina says:

    I’m pleased you broke the rules; you did a ‘proper’ vase anyway so sharing these is a lovely way to say thank you to the pianist and share your beautiful images of past holidays.

  4. I aspire to have all those flowers in my garden. I agree about the Pianist being a keeper.

  5. Peter/Outlaw says:

    What a special surprise and wonderful memories!

  6. Wow, stunning flowers and a great look back at your album for Martinique

  7. Tropical blossoms are lovely, no matter the source. Heliconias and Gingers and grand foliage make a beautiful vase full of color and memories.

  8. Rules were meant to be stretched or broken…these are gorgeous and so glad you shared them.

  9. Cathy says:

    Of course you are forgiven for posting your lovely surprise – but the Pianist perhaps had ulterior motives as he obviously knew that he would be heaped with complements by your fellow bloggers for his gorgeous birthday gift! ps I shall keep the Golfer even though he would never ever buy me flowers….

  10. Anca Tîrcă says:

    Thanks for breaking the rules!

  11. Anna says:

    Oh you haven’t really broken the rules Chloris …… just stretched them slightly. A most fabulous, colourful and thoughtful bouquet. That man is a star 🙂

  12. Chloris says:

    Well I think he is a star too. I am thrilled with my flowers and they should last for a long time too.

  13. Definitely a keeper (your Pianist AND his flowers)! 🙂 And they should last a good long time too.

  14. Nice! I agree with The Chatsworth Lady. He’s a keeper. I recognize some of those tropical flowers. They’re all stunning!

  15. How wonderful, Chloris! It’s not breaking the rules – after all it IS in a vase on Monday! What a lovely thing for the Pianist to do! Thanks for sharing your flowers, your photos and your memories with us. Happy Birthday!

  16. Wow! Those photos make me want to go right now! Perhaps you should apply for a job with the tourist office of Martinique! That sand, those colours, the hammock.

  17. Julie says:

    Happy Birthday! your Pianist has great taste, thats a beautiful bouquet. I hope one day we get to visit Martinique, wow that does look like a wonderful holiday.

  18. snowbird says:

    Oh my! How very dreamy and exotic, just like that wonderful holiday! Three cheers for the Pianist and to you, sounds like you had a birthday. All the very best to you, hope it was lovely and that you were spoilt rotten!xxx

  19. Chloris says:

    Thank you Dina, I did have a wonderful day. In fact I am having a wonderful week with this amazing weather. I hope you are enjoying sunshine too.

  20. I must add Martinique to my list of places to visit! It looks incredible! How thoughtful of your husband to have those delivered. :o)

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