Wordless Wednesday. Winter Gems.

Iris 'Katharine Hodgkin'

Iris ‘Katharine Hodgkin’

Iris histrioides 'Lady Beatrix Stanley'.

Iris histrioides ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’.

Iris reticulata 'Pauline'

Iris reticulata ‘Pauline’

Iris histrioides 'George'

Iris histrioides ‘George’

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64 Responses to Wordless Wednesday. Winter Gems.

  1. pbmgarden says:

    Gorgeous colors and patterns on these happy flowers.

  2. Christina says:

    The more Iris reticulata I see the more I love them!

  3. Julie says:

    Lovely photographs, they are winter gems too.

    • Chloris says:

      Thank you Julie.
      BTW, I’ ve just been watching a Jonathan Meade programme on UTube about Cragside. It was fascinating. I thought you might be interested as you wrote a post about it recently.

      • Julie says:

        Thanks, I watched all six of his programmes before writing my post and loved his unusual presentation. He really helped me understand the place and get past the slightly saccharin NT approach.

  4. AnnetteM says:

    Lovely. I think Pauline is my favourite, closely followed by George. I love their deep colours

  5. Chloris these are just incredible…waiting on seeing these friends again.

  6. Such beauties! So appreciated. Thank you for the treat.

  7. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Gorgeous! I must add early iris to my garden!

    • Chloris says:

      Indeed, you have so many lovely and unusual plants in your winter garden that I am surprised that you don’ t have any. A few pots would be nice in your greenhouse too.

  8. Debra says:

    ❤ irises! But just look at the colour in yours. Wow.

  9. Alison says:

    Such beautiful large clumps! Love them.

  10. Cathy says:

    Alison took the words out of my mouth 🙂 Lovely lovely lovely

  11. rusty duck says:

    LBS is a stunning blue.

  12. Oh so wonderful!! Anyone here grow Iris unguicularis? I tried that in Garden #2, in a sheltered little sun-trap, and it did survive for a year (not really hardy here) but not since.

    • Chloris says:

      Hello Chatsworth Lady, yes I grow Iris unguicularis; ‘Mary Barnard’ and ‘Walter Butt’. They are hardy here but they thrive on neglect, in really poor soil up against a wall. I give them plenty of grit and they need full sun.

  13. Angie says:

    Oh Chloris, you’d have been in your element at the show last weekend. The growers had pots of Iris by the barrow load. I think it must be a good year for them.
    KH is my favourite but she hasn’t returned to my garden this year – odd as she’s survived the last 3. I’ve just bought trays of George for the front garden as they fit in with my colour scheme.

    • Chloris says:

      I would love to have been there. I really enjoyed your post about it.
      It is sad that the little irises aren’ t very long lasting in the garden, specially reticulata. I believe that the corms break up into lots of little ones. I’ m told the trick is to plant them very deep.

  14. Little beauties! I don’t have any winter irises. I must correct that!

  15. Lovely iris. Our Iris reticulata were buzzing with bees today. Top plants!

  16. Chloris says:

    Such gorgeous colours and bees too. You can’ t ask for anything better than that.

  17. mattb325 says:

    Such beauties – the purple reticulates are always a favourite!

  18. Such beautiful purples and blues. They truly are stand-out colors for the garden. Enjoy!

  19. Great name for your post and I enjoyed the beautiful purples and blues of the iris.

  20. Great name for your post and I enjoyed the beautiful purples and blues of the iris.

  21. I love these! Have only recently discovered they exist and bunged some in to our new garden but they refuse to come out so far. My favourite of yours are ‘Katharine Hodgkin’ and I am noting them down them down for next year.

  22. Wow, those really are gems! Love them all, but I think my favorite is ‘Beatrix Stanley’.

  23. bittster says:

    Great photos and love the colors. I almost didn’t click on your post, I thought it was just one picture of Katharine, but ooh la lah! You have quite a few other clumps 🙂

    • Chloris says:

      I think I will get more varieties next year. There are so many other beautiful ones I don’ t know why I didn’ t get more. I think it was because I was too extravagant with tulips when I was ordering my bulbs.

  24. Oh gosh, I must have some of those Katherine Hodgkin Irises! Thanks for reminding me. I’ve seen them on so many blogs and I just love ’em! Gorgeous!

  25. Alain says:

    What a nice collection. KH looks the nicest but I expect that in the garden, from a distance, Pauline looks better.

  26. Kris P says:

    That’s a beautiful collection! I like ‘George’ best.

  27. Flighty says:

    Lovely, I especially like the the blue ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’. xx

  28. beautiful additions to your early spring garden x

  29. snowbird says:

    What a delicious selection….I have an urge to paint Iris now! I just loved the blues, especially Lady Beatrix Stanley, what a heavenly cobalt!xxx

  30. Anca Tîrcă says:

    Lovely! You have inspired me to plant some in my garden, too.Thanks.

  31. Julie says:

    What a beautiful selection you have Chloris – I particularly like Lady Beatrix Stanley who is new to me, but I also have the lovely Katherine Hodgkin on my wish list. Where do you buy your bulbs from? It was lovely seeing you last week and my snowdrops are safely in the ground and labeled!

  32. Chloris says:

    I had such a lovely day with you Julie and such a delicious lunch, thank you. You will be pleased with your snowdrops, they may even start flowering as early as October, but definitely by November. I got my bulbs from Riverside Bulbs but I see Peter Nyssen has a great selection of little irises.

  33. mrsdaffodil says:

    I have Iris ‘Katharine Hodgkin’ blooming in my garden, too. These little flowers delight me with their intricate patterns.

  34. Robbie says:

    I had some time today to check out blogs-WOW-love that Iris “‘Katharine Hodgkin’”
    what a lovely pale blue…I can’t wait, I know it is under the snow! LOL
    thank you for all your lovely photos of spring blooms, I needed to see that today-HOPE!

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