Wedding Vases.

I am joining in with Cathy’s meme at Ramblinginthegarden to show a vase on Monday but as it is a special occasion I am bending the rules a bit. Sorry, Cathy but these are vases on Saturday and I didn’t do them all and they are not all flowers from my own garden. So that’s all the rules broken.


On Saturday my lovely daughter, my ‘Golden Girl’ got married to her lovely, ‘Wee Man’ from north of the border. He is actually 6 foot 4 inches so ‘wee’ is perhaps not the word to describe him. But it is a good, all-purpose Scottish word, so it will do nicely. As the Golden Girl is as mad on flowers as I am, the marquee looked like a florist’s shop, so I can’t show you all of them but here are a few.

































































Many thanks to the Golden Girl’s lovely friend, Britt for all the help with the flowers.

I have not been keeping up with reading blogs or writing posts this last week but  I am sure you understand  that I have been a bit preoccupied.

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34 Responses to Wedding Vases.

  1. rusty duck says:

    The vases are truly beautiful Chloris, and many congratulations to your daughter and her wee man.

  2. Alain says:

    You must have had a very good time. Best wishes to the newly wed. It is so nice to see flower arrangements that include a lot of garden plants. Many people would not see the difference but those who did must have doubly enjoyed all the arrangements. I was looking to see which one I like best but they are all so good, I cannot chose one – the contrasts are vivid and yet there is a great deal of harmony in each of them.

  3. pbmgarden says:

    Beautiful arrangements for a wonderful occasion. Congratulations to the wedding couple.

  4. mrsdaffodil says:

    Truly a festive floral celebration of a happy event.

  5. Kris P says:

    Best wishes to you and the wedded couple. It looks as though all the based were covered in the floral department.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing them – even though it wasn’t Monday. Absolutely gorgeous! It must have been quite a spectacle! I’m sure you all had a wonderful day, and, again, congratulations to the happy couple!

  7. Cathy says:

    Such an event would just not be right without flowers, and these are all lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  8. croftgarden says:

    Such beautiful flowers for a very special occasion. Nothing could be more romantic than celebrating a midsummer wedding in a lovely garden.

  9. jenhumm116 says:

    Beautiful flowers, thank you for sharing such a special day.

  10. Flighty says:

    Lovely flowers. xx

  11. Julie says:

    Thank you for sharing all these beautiful vases Chloris – it looks like a perfect wedding! Congratulations to the newly weds and well done to you for all the hard work you have put into their special day.

  12. Anna says:

    Beautiful flowers for a beautiful bride Chloris. I hope that the newly weds are blessed with a long and happy marriage.

  13. Cathy says:

    I think you can be forgiven in the circumstances, Chloris, suffering as you were from wedding fever! I hope you all had a wonderful day, and perhaps one day we will find out if there is a reason for her being Golden Girl, other than being your daughter of course.. 🙂 You have shown some beautiful combinations of blooms, and I am guessing that each table was named after a flower which is a lovely idea. I particularly liked the tiny table decorations – thanks for sharing them all.

    • Chloris says:

      Thank you Cathy, we did have a wonderful day. The Golden Girl has golden hair and she is pure gold inside .She first got the name years ago and it is a long story, how, and who first coined it.
      Each table did indeed have a flower name and my artist daughter in law did the pictures. Each table had several small jugs of flowers.

  14. AnnetteM says:

    Lovely arrangements. How great that your daughter shares your passion for flowers.

  15. Chloris says:

    Thank you Annette, yes my daughter has well and truly got the gardening bug which is great. It will give her a lifetimes’ s pleasure.

  16. Christina says:

    Wonderful Chloris. All the vases were perfect colours harmonize contrast. It must have been a wonderful day thank you for sharing this with us.

  17. bittster says:

    Best wishes and congratulations! The flowers look great, I love that they’re all garden flowers. You’re a crazy group to have tackled all that on your own 🙂

  18. Chloris says:

    Thank you Frank. It was hard work but great fun.

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