I Hate island Beds.

It is hard work trying to restore this garden. It has some lovely mature trees and shrubs but it was sadly overgrown when we arrived. The first things that had to go were all the fussy little island beds.


The large bed round the cherry tree was infested with ground elder. I’m not sure whether I want to keep the cherry I don’t particularly like those big, blowsy flowers but my husband has voted for it to stay. I decided to make a pond here.


it is finished now. I would have preferred not to have a butyl lining because it always shows a bit round the top but I didn’t have the skills or the money to build a pond using any other method. I have made a bog garden at one end by sinking the butyl, making a few holes in it and filling it with good compost. The pots all round the edge are to keep out herons. it really works because herons like to be able to walk in to the pond and they can’t do that here.


By the summer house there were two pointless little circular beds looking very eccentric because the flowers here were carefully caged in. It must have been a precaution against rabbit damage but this problem has been solved for now by carefully mending the broken bits of fence round the perimeter of the garden. Anyway the beds had to go.


In their place we had a terrace built round the summer house where we can eat under the shade of the walnut tree. Round the terrace I planted Lavendula ‘Hidcote’.


The biggest problem was getting rid of all the overgrown rubbish round the yew tree; Taxus baccata ‘Standishii’. In the end we had to get someone with a mini digger to get the roots out.


This is what it looks like now.


The last two island beds to go were one round the bird bath and one right next to it. I left the bed under the weeping pear: Pyrus salicifolia ‘Pendula’. This has snowdrops under it and in summer I plant white Impatiens.

I had to get help for all the heavy work but most of the gardening I do myself. My husband mows the lawns but that is all. He tells me he has to protect his hands as he is a pianist. Anyway he feels my obsessive gardening is rather eccentric; it is a bit like being married to a stamp collector or a train spotter, only more exhausting because stamp collectors don’t keep saying; ‘Can you just help me with this?’

The final picture shows the view without the island beds and there is ‘The Pianist’ using the garden for what he feels sane people should use it for- sitting.



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6 Responses to I Hate island Beds.

  1. You have a beautiful house and garden Chloris – I’m liking your improvements. The terrace by the summer house looks as if it will be well used.

  2. lizjwells46 says:

    Thank you Angie and thank you for visiting me and following my blog. I shall return the compliment; I am interested to read what you can grow up there in Scotland.

  3. Alison says:

    You did a wonderful job turning that island bed into a terrace to sit on and enjoy meals and coffee/tea. Very nice! I bet that lavender smells lovely. What a cool house you have too.

  4. podmiejskiogrdek says:

    Hi Chloris, I’m probably the only person in the world, who reads posts in archives:D. And from seven years ago!:D
    But the reason I write this comment is, that I would like to use two pictures from this post on my blog http://www.podmiejskiogrodek.pl – as an example of the “interconnection rule”. Can you give me your permission? Pretty please:D.
    I will link to tour blog naturally.

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